Percipient is a young and enthusiastic IT company created by Graham Cooper in 2000 to create close, long term relationships with clients and to provide the highest level of client service possible.

Percipient (by definition) looks at the big picture when it comes to our client’s IT infrastructure. By first understanding the entire IT environment we are well placed to provide consulting, management, administration, sales and support services. We also manage our client’s total IT lifecycle with the provision and documentation of hardware, software & subscription services.

As we can provide a full spectrum of services we can very quickly identify “Best of Breed” products and “Industry Standard” solutions for our client’s requirements. This ensures our  clients get the best solution available with the highest availability of support throughout its lifecycle. We approach our service delivery and management within international best practice methodologies.

Where specialist skills are required we are happy to work (and manage) third parties in both ad-hoc and project situations to ensure there is a uniform and seamless provision of service. This reduces service and time fragmentation and the risk of implementation failure and cost creeping.